My Ultimate Resources

These two books were my lifeline while applying to PA School. Maybe they can help you out! Each book was beneficial for different reasons.

1) So You Want to Be a Physician Assistant by Beth Grivett

The first one features several “a day in the life…” entries from different practicing PA’s in different specialities. It helps you understand what a PA does or can do and how much variety exists between specialties. I think it would be helpful to those of you who aren’t sure if you want to be a physician assistant just yet. This is a book that you can read in one sitting.

2) An Applicant’s Guide to Physician Assistant School and Practice by Erin Sherer

This is your practical step-by-step/how-to book about applying to PA School. What to do beforehand, during the application process, afterward and for the interview. Very useful!

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Let’s Get Personal

Statistics say that within 5 seconds of clicking on this blog your brain will process the web page and decide whether or not it was what you were looking for. You will either read on or close this window or hit the back button. So I’ll put this in an easy to read format. That way, you can decide if I will indeed be helpful in your search for PA School information!

My qualifications:

Name: Kaycie

Age/Sex: 25, Female

PA School experience: 1st semester of 1st year

Expected Graduation Date: May 2013

PA School Attending: Eastern Virginia Medical School, Virginia Beach, VA

Prior Education: Bachelor’s Degree in English & Psychology with a minor in Biology

Prior Experience:

— 7 years experience as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) or PCA (personal care assistant) in various settings including: geriatrics/nursing home, alzheimer unit – assisted living, autistic preschool, group home for developmentally disabled adults, and in-home elderly care.

— Medical Assistant in Orthopedic Surgeon’s private practice

Hardest Part of PA School: Learning how to study the masses of information given in such a small time!

Idea of Specialty Once Practicing: Geriatrics (I have a soft spot for my elders) or Orthopedic Surgery — this could all change with time and practice (and rotations).

Did I forget anything? Please ask if I’ve left anything out!

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Where it all begins.

I remember searching for information on PA School while applying to PA school. There wasn’t much literature available. I read what I could find, but I wanted more! I wanted the insider’s insight. But, I did not want to burden a (student) stranger to give me that kind of information. Maybe you feel this way too! Well, let me help!

If you are like me, you try to prepare yourself every step of the way throughout life. The professionals call this ‘perfectionism.’

But why re-invent the wheel? I want first hand knowledge and wisdom from those that have come before me! And you do too!

In this blog I hope to shell out wisdom to those in need. My best advice is to take it for what it is worth; if it helps, use it and if it doesn’t, don’t!

My ultimate goal is to put each of us in conversation with one another. If you have questions, please ask! And if you see a question and have an answer – please do that too. Each individual perspective is valuable. And, as some of us already know, getting in to PA school is no easy task!

So good luck in your PA endeavors and cheers!


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